Plogging Challenge 2022 – en

1673kg of waste, 423km travelled in 2020. Help us to double this record in 2022!

9926.5 kg


1958.4899999999998 km


In 2022, we continue with the Plogging Challenge! More and more waste collected, more and more km covered in the Mediterranean!

For those who don’t know Plogging yet, it comes straight from our Swedish friends. Plogging is the contraction of the word “pick up” in Swedish “plocka upp” and “jogging”. The goal is to run (or walk) while picking up litter!

Would you like to participate in our simultaneous action for the well-being of the environment? Sign up here.

This year’s goal is to run as many kilometers as possible throughout the Mediterranean and collect as much waste as possible from October 17 to 23 during the Med’Action Festival.

plogging challenge

1000 km / 2000 km travelled?

2 tons / 5 tons  of waste collected ?

On your marks, get set, go!

Les résultats de ton Plogging Challenge :


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