The 2022 Med’Action Festival is coming soon!
See you in October to celebrate the Mediterranean. On the agenda: Med’talks, online debates, meetings around the Mediterranean and plogging challenge.

Med’action is the set of projects and actions around the Mediterranean carried out by Les Têtes de l’Art, in partnership with many actors from all around the Mediterranean.

Our actions in the Mediterranean were born with the AJCM (Atelier des Jeunes Citoyens et Citoyennes de la Méditerranée), a network of structures and young activists in the Mediterranean. The AJCM Festival is a flagship event of this network. This year, it has been revamped to become the Med’Action Festival: a week of actions in more than 14 territories, simultaneously and online.

More recently, in 2021, the Mediterranean Youth Council was built on the basis of the AJCM and CIM-CRPM network and is supported by the South Region, the Lazio Region and Euro-Mediterranean networks such as the Anna Lindh Foundation, ALDA, the Foundation and Assembly of Mediterranean Citizens and the Ref.

This youth body aims at advocacy and action in the Mediterranean.

Art for Clim’Act  and Blue Future are our new projects born in 2022 and built around the shared values of the AJCM and the MYC: the fight for the protection of the environment, in particular the Mediterranean Sea, and artistic action.

Med’action is concretised by the Festival, climax of our actions in the Mediterranean.

Our projects