Art for Clim’Act is a project to act against the socioeconomic impacts of climate change through the creation of an artistic, participative and common awareness campaign in all the Mediterranean. Led by duos of artists and activists in Egypt, France, Greece and Tunisia, Art for Clim’Act aims at creating a space for dialogue between civil society and policy makers by fostering advocacy around environmental issues.

All the creative actions set up locally in the Mediterranean will take place simultaneously during the Med’Action Festival taking place in October 2022.

Want to take part in the campaign? We were just waiting for you!

Our awareness campaign is structured around several cleaning actions during which creative challenges (the Mediterranean Stories of Climate and the Waste Orchestra) will take place. Everyone can participate and is very welcome to do so!

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Co-creation Lab #1
On April 19th took place the first Art for Clim’Act online meeting when 40 artists and activists from all the Mediterranean (Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece, Kosovo, Spain, Tunisia) gathered to exchange on their common environmental issues and efficient means to act against it. The occasion to collectively think about the ways to create an artistic awareness campaign to reach a large audience on an emotional level.
These activists shared their actions
  • Banlastic | Egypt
  • Make Use | Greece
  • Scouts of Tunisia | Tunisia
  • CIM CPRM/ Spain
  • Mare Nostrum | Algeria
  • MYC (Mediterranean Youth Council) | Kosovo/med region
These artivists shared their actions
  • SMouTh | Greece
  • 6 Bab Sharq | Egypt
  • Faycal Marrakchi photographer | Tunisia
  • Amuzik | France
International Artistic workshop in Marseille
On May 5th and 6th in the premises of Les Têtes de l’Art, our artist-activist duos from Alexandria, Marseille, Larissa and Sfax gathered to create the main actions and guidelines of the artistic awareness campaign.
Co-creation Lab #2

June 20th 2022 online

Over 30 participants gathered to take part in Art for Clim’Act campaign by proposing their own actions!

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Popular education through art and participation

Les Têtes de l’Art is an association active since 1996 in popular education through participative and artistic practice. The projects and programs led by les Têtes de l’Art are anchored in its local context while being open on intercultural exchange. As part of its international and Mediterranean actions, the association dedicates several projects to environment awareness campaigns and actions.

Banning single-use plastic through awareness and advocacy campaigns

Banlastic Egypt is based in Alexandria and aims to ban single use plastic by tackling the public awareness through the organisation of interactive beach cleanups with the beach visitors, offering a number of workshops that focus on plastic pollution and different environmental topics, beside various environmental advocacy events. They also offer alternative products to single use plastic and connect with policy makers to support their environmental activism with plastic ban laws. 

Art for creation, education and inclusion

Synergy of Music Theatre (S.Mou.Th.) is an non profit organisation whose workforce is a group of dedicated, experienced and emerging artists. S.Mou.Th. has been founded in Larissa-Greece, in 2001. The fundamental objectives of S.Mou.Th. are to provide youth and adults opportunities of initiation, training, education, creation, inclusion, research and professionalization, in the performing and audiovisual arts, and by this process, to reinvent the means of artistic expression.

Youth social engagement for citizenship and environment

The Tunisian Scouts are known for citizenship training through community service. The movement is active on public constructions as well as literacy campaigns. Lately, their main actions are focused on the environment with e.g cleaning actions, tree planting etc.

Fun and awareness through music

Founded in 2019 in the south of France, the musical duo has one main objective: raising awareness among the young generations on our environmental impact by questioning our relationship with waste and reuse. Batucada, workshops to build recycled music instruments, all means are good to cheerfully pass on their message with of course, music!

Cultural space for emerging artists 

6 bab sharq is an Alexandrian cultural center that was created with the support of the Goethe Institut in 2019. Today, the structure is aiming at supporting emerging artists from various artistic fields by creating a community of Alexandrians of different backgrounds who share a common interest in arts and culture.

Active citizenship to impact your environment

Make Use is a committed project led in Larisse, Greece that focuses on the involvement of the youth in voluntary activities, aiming at increasing solidarity and engagement. Make Use brings together the concerns of young citizens related to a variety of local matters and problems to take part in discussions and to take action with the wish to raise awareness and activation among all inhabitants.

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