What is AJCM

The workshop of young citizens of the Mediterranean (AJCM) is a network that offers a space for dialogue and citizen cooperation to Mediterranean youth in more than 14 countries, through workshops, talk shows, digital, transnational and local actions around the themes of the environment, equal opportunities and  mobility. 

The AJCM is also a group of movements, associations and public entities that share the same objective: to promote citizen involvement in the Mediterranean. 

As citizen actors of the Mediterranean we are committed since 2014 to propose and highlight collaborative initiatives to act collectively to change things. These actions carrying values such as solidarity and exchange are then presented to public decision makers with whom we work in order to create a new model of representative body. 

These spaces for interaction and dialogue have enabled joint decisions to be made and actions to be prepared collectively around shared issues and values.

Our activities

The AJCM organizes throughout the year with its correspondents and partners a multitude of activities and exchanges of best practices.

On the agenda : civic engagement days , workshops, talk shows, awareness campaigns and green challenges!  

The workshops we are organizing can take several forms: 

– Workshops to raise awareness about the environment, mobility and equal opportunities through artistic practices (theater, eloquence, journalism, video, photography, circus…), conferences and debates etc. 

Workshops in organization and project management (related to the “Day of Youth Citizen Involvement in the Mediterranean” ) for the implementation of stands or activities.

– Collective intelligence workshops (co-creation workshop)

Our Tools 

In order to support your actions and initiatives, we have created different kits to help you in your projects. These kits include tips and best practices to communicate, organize a waste collection / plogging, set up workshops …

Our activities

Green challenges


Plogging challenge

Originating from our Swedish friends, the word plogging is the contraction of the word “pick up” in Swedish (plocka upp) and “jogging”. As you may have guessed, the objective is to run (or walk) while collecting waste! 

The goal is to run as many kilometers as possible in the Mediterranean while collecting as much waste as possible during the days of civic engagement.

Tutorials  : the eco-tutos

It is very simple. You, me, your sister, your roommate, your turtle, we all have small practices that we do at home and that in one way or another improve our quality of life and take care of our planet. Through short videos we share everyday tips to make the world greener..



Discover the new AJCM initiative: the Med Talks. A monthly series of talk shows that aims to highlight current issues on topics such as gender equality, climate change and mobility.

Speak Up


“Acting to make things happen, representing to make voice heard”

A space to express yourself

Through this platform, young Mediterranean people express their vision of the post-covid world, in relation to the problems they are currently facing, but also their ideas and projects to overcome this crisis and create a better future in the Mediterranean.

Our projects

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