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What are the Med Talks? They are a series of talk shows, organized and co-host by 14 Mediterranean countries since March 2021. Hosted and broadcasted from the set of  Les Têtes de l’Art association in Marseille. 

This AJCM initiative is taking place live on our networks (facebook and the AJCM website) once a month, and  are then broadcast on several Mediterranean platforms. These are 30-minute debates on current issues such as climate change or mobility in the Mediterranean. 

These programs will host artists, activists, journalists and experts from different countries around the Mediterranean in order to create a dialogue around these different issues and to offer a local perspective on shared experiences. 

Discover the date of the next Med Talks: 

MedTalks 2 : Artivism (en)

MedTalks 2 : Artivism (en)

Parce que 30 minutes de débat, ce n’est pas assez, découvrez les interviews bonus des intervenant.e.s réalisées après l’émission.