L’AJCM 2018 c’est fini ! Cette édition fut un franc succès avec plus de 100 participants à Marseille et plus d’une vingtaine sur chaque site en Méditerranée.

Pour ceux qui étaient absents, ou ceux qui sont déjà nostalgiques de cette journée du 14 Avril 2018, voici un retour en image sur chaque site :


  • Marseille (France)

  • Nice (France)

  • Toulon (France)

  • Casablanca (Maroc)

  • Kénitra (Maroc)


  • Rabat (Maroc)

  • Nador (Maroc)

  • Alger (Algérie)

  • Oran (Algérie)

  • Tunis (Tunisie)

  • Gabès (Tunisie)

  • Beyrouth (Liban)/ Damas (Syrie – l’action s’est faite symboliquement à Beyrouth)

  • Larnaca (Chypre)

  • Dürres (Albanie)

  • Podgorica (Monténégro)

« Twenty students from the high school “ Petar I Petrovic Njegos”together with their teacher mr. Miroslav Minic, and miss Ana Jovanovic who are members of the Circle of Montenegro, participated in the project “Initiative Ocean “on April 14.2018. 
Montenegro has a lot of beautiful beaches and the decision about which beach was going to be cleaned was made not just because of the fact that Bar is the biggest and most populated coastal city, but also because our biggest port is located there. It has 44km of coastline and 9km are beaches. The city of Bar is the only coastal city that has a railroad which connects the northern and central part of the country with Adriatic sea. With its amazing nature understandable is why we picked this city for our project. Petar I Petrovic Njegos high school is located in the central part of Montenegro, in the town of Danilovgrad so we took the train to reach Bar. 
Municipalitie of Bar is famous among other things because of its history and because of the olive trees with more than 100 000 that are over 1000 years old. 
The begging of our action day was the conversation about the city, its history, tradition, culture and environment. We picked the main beach to clean while using glows, bags and other equipments we brought from Danilovgrad. After 2 hours we took the break where we continued our discussion about the environment, environmental problems and what kind of action they think are right to do locally as well as globally. In the next few hours we cleaned Port and its beach. Sadly, the cleaning was very successful. We collected more then 10 big trash bags where plastic bottle and cans dominated. 
In the end, we have had great time which we showed you trough the photos we sent and our wish is to be the part of this project in the years that comes. » 

Ana Jovanović