Upstream of the citizens ' Mobilization Day on 14 April, several on-site workshops were held in Marseille, Nice and Toulon. A good opportunity for young AJCM to approach different themes in a playful and participatory way. These project groups also made it possible to invent the content of the mobilization Day: setting up an information and awareness stand, a creative practice stand or even a sports course… Program to discover soon!

In Marseille, we were greeted by the PACA regional youth Information Centre. We have worked with the youth of the regional Youth Parliament, the United City and the students of the Pytheas Institute on the creation of a friendly day with the setting up of stands.

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In Nice, the youth of the local Mission, the association travers le Monde and Unis-Cité met at the first session at Cap Jeunesse Côte d'azur to develop the new graphic design of the poster AJCM 2018. Followed a second brainstorming session on the themes of commitment, sustainable development and citizenship to work on the argument and position. The last workshop will be devoted to the creation of the micro-sidewalk of 14 April.

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In Toulon, it was the home of young workers who opened our doors for a first theatrical collective time. The residents of the FJT, the youth of the PRJ (regional Youth Parliament), and Unis-Cité have lent themselves to the game of improvisation. In order to find out what the collected waste actually becomes, we organised a visit to the Véolia waste sorting, recycling and recovery Centre in Seyne-sur-Mer. Thanks to these experiences and the information gathered, the young AJCM wish to create awareness stands and proposals for dramatized mediations. To discover the 14th!

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