a space to express yourself

If you wish to participate in the Speak Up campaign, it’s very simple!  Just send us your video testimony.

Here’s how : film yourself with your cell phone in landscape format, answering the following question : 

In view of the different crises and the post covid 19 context (economic, cultural, mobility, gender equality problems, etc.) on what do you think it is necessary to act in order to make things change and to improve the living environment in the Mediterranean?

Here’s an exemple to structure your answer: 

  • First, present yourself : full name and country 
  • In relation to / there are problems with ….. (quickly state the problem)
  • That’s why I think it’s necessary to act on ……. (if you have a precise idea, explain how you think it’s necessary to act)
  • For me it is important because I think that ….. (you can give personal examples, in relation to your life context, or data that you think are useful)

Attention ! 

  • Videos must last no more than 2 minutes 
  • Landscape format 
  • To film yourself, put your cell phone on a stable surface, in a bright place, (but not against the light!), quiet, and especially not a room too big (beware of the echo) 

Now that you know everything you need to know, let’s get to your camera! 

Send your video via Wetransfer to:  or by uploading it to this drive and don’t forget to give us your name, country and email address so we can reach you!  

Every language is welcome ! Feel free to speak in your mother tongue 

If you speak a language other than French, Arabic, English or Spanish, send us a translation of the sentences with the matching minutes.

Your testimony will be used to launch the opening of the AJCM Festival on June 25, 2021 where you will be invited to participate in an online debate with other young Mediterranean people!

Thank you for your participation!