Challenge Plogging AJCM 6 / 7 / 8 June 2020!

9926.5 kg


1958.4899999999998 km


This year, we’re changing the way we collect waste on the usual beaches by spicing it up a little bit to adapt to the environment!

Do you know about Plogging? Plogging is a contraction of the word «collect» in Swedish («ploc-ka upp») and «jogging». As you can see, the goal is to walk or run while picking up trash!

Would you like to participate? Download our Plogging Challenge Kit

The goal this year is to accumulate the maximum number of km covered throughout the Mediterranean and to collect the maximum amount of ru-bbish! 

The Surf Rider team and Initiatives Océanes will be doing a daily live update to share best practices to preserve our beaches and our environment!

plogging challenge
1000 km / 2000 km?

2 tons / 5 tons?

On your mark, get set, go ! 

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