DECLARATION of the young citizens of the Mediterranean may 16, 2014 – workshop of the young citizens of the Mediterranean

Mr President, ladies and elected (e) s, ladies and gentlemen, Cher (e) s citizens of the Mediterranean,

The workshop young citizens of the Mediterranean led under the spring high school students and apprentices 2014 has brought together us, we, young students of the academies of Aix Marseille and Nice, of the regional Council of youth Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Italy to offer you our vision of Mediterranean citizenship.

For four months, we exchange across the Mediterranean on what means to be citizens of the Mediterranean.
Together, this day, in four working committees, here are our proposals:

In the context of the Commission ' living together in the Mediterranean: social solidarity in the Mediterranean, how the Mediterranean Youth consider the present and their future in common», what are your proposals? We offer:
-To develop the exchanges and educational partnerships in the Mediterranean region through a system similar to that of the twinning of the cities where schools and universities would assist in the learning of languages and cultures.
-To implement a 'Pass' Mediterranean map to promote travel and international exchanges for young people aged 16-25.

In the context of the Commission "Youth Engagement: how young people can be actors of their society", that you propose? We wish:
-Organize the spring of high school students each year in a different country around the Mediterranean.
-Create a Mediterranean Youth Council which should force proposal to raise awareness of problems and the expectations of the Mediterranean youth.

In the context of the Commission ' Expression and digital citizenship: how new modes of communication can facilitate citizen engagement ", what are your proposals? We want to:
-Create a Charter signed by all the Mediterranean countries guaranteeing free and total access to the internet.
-Create a Forum of the official peers for an Assembly of young citizens of the Mediterranean where we can deal with our daily problems and provide solutions.

In the context of the Commission «intercultural exchange, supports mobility, what do you suggest? We offer:
-' Better understand to better accept, accept for better cohabitation': integrating transversally in the educational system and from the youngest age the opening to the different cultures of the Mediterranean basin.
-Promote intercultural exchanges": facilitate twinning between Mediterranean countries by creating a new 'cultural', easier to get visa only currently, Mediterranean youth.

We, young people of the Mediterranean, hope that these proposals will hold your attention!