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The workshop of young citizens in the Mediterranean is an initiative carried out by the Association Les Têtes de l'art, the citizens of the Earth and the Cercle ACM of Marseille with the support of the PACA Regional Council. Together, they wish to share with the actors of the accompaniment of young people on issues of citizenship, sustainable development and interculturality on Marseille, Toulon and Nice, the project AJCM 2018. This project is to enhance the citizen engagement of young people in the area of sustainable development in the Mediterranean. The idea of substance is to create a concerted action at the same time all around the Mediterranean, with a strong media impact, to showcase the citizens ' approaches brought by young people in this vast area. This flagship event, symbolic and unifying of the concrete commitment of young people, will take the form of a day of pedagogical cleaning of beaches, on 14 April 2018, simultaneously in many Mediterranean countries. On this occasion, youth initiatives will be presented, already existing or developed during workshops during the months of March and April. This action is not an end in either it is the pretext for discussion, awareness, learning skills, the experience of interculturality for young people. In the end, this media day is intended to become the "day of citizen engagement of young people in the Mediterranean", and will be a new step towards the representation of youth in the Mediterranean. The project has a multi-year vocation, its objectives in favour of young people are: • to enable them to develop their skills by accompanying them on project management, and thus contribute to improving their employability • helping to discover the great concepts of the circular economy and eco-development as well as their economic, social and environmental impacts • stimulate their citizen engagement through the implementation of a collaborative event, in the multi-cultural context Mediterranean • creating spaces for dialogue between young people, elected officials and public policies the pedagogical cleaning action of the beaches is easy to set up, coordinate and publicize. We will be able to rely on the "OCEANE initiatives" (Surf Rider Foundation) campaign which offers organising kits with a website for coordination and pedagogy. The project started in 2014 and today we want to give it a greater Mediterranean scale (17 cities in 11 Mediterranean countries met and interested). In France, we will undertake the mobilisation on Marseille, Toulon and Nice, relying on the actions previously undertaken: • 1st meeting of young people in the Mediterranean in 2015 allowing young people from the Mediterranean basin to present their proposals for action on youth engagement and representation • first concrete action to clean the beaches in Marseille, nice and Tunis in 2016. We hope that the young citizens of the Mediterranean will be many new to join us in this new adventure…