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The workshop of young citizens in the Mediterranean is an initiative carried out by the Association Les Têtes de l'art, in partnership with the citizens of the Earth, the Cercle ACM of Marseille, Tunis, Larrache, Rabbat, Beirut, Podgorica and Tirana and 15/38 Mediterranean with the support of the South Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Regional Council and the Assembly of citizens of the Mediterranean (FACM) Foundation.

One slogan: "engaging to make things happen, representing to make your voice heard".

This project is about valuing the citizen engagement of young people in the environmental field in the Mediterranean.

Created in 2014 and piloted since 2015 by Les Têtes de l'art, the AJCM approach is part of time.

The project has a multi-year vocation, its objectives for young people are:

Enable their skills to rise by accompanying them on project management, and thus help to improve their employability- to cont
ribute to the discovery of the major concepts of the circular economy and eco-development and their impacts Economic, Social and Environmental – Boosting t
heir civic engagement through the establishment of a collaborative event, in the multi-Cultural Mediterranean context, creating s
paces for dialogue between young people, elected officials and politicians Public

After a successful 2018 edition with 16 cities involved from 9 Mediterranean countries, the AJCM continued in 2019 around several highlights:

    • The "Day of Youth Citizen Initiatives in the Mediterranean": the organisation of a simultaneous waste collection around the Mediterranean on Saturday, April 27, 2019
    • A series of multidisciplinary workshops in relation to the following topics: citizen/youth/Mediterranean engagement/dialogue with institutions/ecology/sustainable development/art & culture/circular economy/social innovation
    • Meetings/debates
  1. Citizen initiatives day:

This event – a beacon, symbolic and unifying of the concrete commitment of young people – took the form of a day of educational cleaning of beaches, on April 27, 2019 , simultaneously in many Mediterranean countries. On this occasion, youth initiatives were presented, already existing or developed during workshops during the months of March an
d April. This action is not an end in itself it is a pretext for discussion, awareness, learning skills, the experience of interculturality for young people. In the end, this media day is intended to become the "day of citizen engagement of young people in the Mediterranean", and will be a new step towards the representation of youth in the Mediterranean.

2. The AJCM workshops

We organize a series of workshops before and after Citizen Initiatives Day.The work
shops are based on 3 principles: Investigate / Dialogue / Act

3. Meetings/debates

The AJCM also offers the opportunity for young people to discuss, Exchange and discuss Mediterranean issues. We wish to promote communication and interconnection between young people and policy makers through the organisation of meetings/debates during the second half of 2019.


– 22 workshops were organised in Marseille, Nice and Toulon for 138 participants

– the day of citizen engagement of young people in the Mediterranean gathered more than 2,500 participants

– the AJCM has mobilised 96 structures including 43 in France and 53 in the Mediterranean!

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