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To mobilize around the AJCM:

1. Mobilizes around you: together it goes further!
Uses the flyer of presentation below to mobilize adults referents of the educational establishment or associations in connection with youth that you frequent (teachers, principals, referents of the schoolgirl life Council, recommended Education principals, educators, animators…).
They can bring you their support and mobilize the resources of their structure (dissemination of information, meeting… rooms ready).
These adults can share the same values as you around the idea of a Mediterranean solidarity citizenship worn by young players in their future. They are often excited to accompany young carriers of this initiative!

2. Makes you want: the enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS!
Educates your friends and other young people of your academic or associative entourage through times of Exchange on your motivations around the AJCM, makes share them your enthusiasm using video media


3. Act and the buzz!
Create events (beach cleaning, evening debate, film screenings, cultural exchanges, meals…)  share them on your social networks and facebook AJCM.
You can also mobilize associations specialized on the theme that you selected so that they bring you their expertise and support.
You can wear a larger AJCM initiative. By 2016, it is the theme of the protection of the Mediterranean coast which has been chosen, with concrete:
-awareness-raising actions: ongoing SVT by animations and exhibitions (ex. (: waste at sea) in your institution or your association or outside…
-action field of cleaning of the beaches of the coast everywhere in the Mediterranean may 14, 2016
For this action the AJCM relies on the expertise and assistance of the Surfrider Foundation



By 2016, we take action! Great cleaning action is organized on Saturday, May 14, 2016.
Nothing better than concrete, collective action citizen to demonstrate our commitment to the Mediterranean Sea, our sea!
This action, initiated by young people elected the CRJ and driven by the heads of Art, citizens of the Earth, Surfrider Coordination Mediterranean, follows a proposal by the Mediterranean high school students when editing the AJCM 2015.
In France, the action will take place in Marseille, May 14th at 2 pm, on the beach of HUVEAUNE (or peelings BEACH), known for its waste per day of wind and Nice (venue to be confirmed) always on May 14 at 2 pm! Other actions will take place at the Morocco, Tunisia, Spain and Algeria!
Join us with your sneakers, a pair of gloves, and a blue t-shirt!

The cleaning will be done in music and many surprises await you!
To participate in the event, please register on the dedicated page on the site of ocean Initiatives which accompanies us in the approach:




To register or to organize your own collection, click on the logo of our partner INITIATIVES OCEANES!

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In France, the action will take place on Saturday, May 14, 2016 to Marseille and Nice! For Tunisia, it will be in RADES (Tunis).

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Please find below the list of planned cleaning operations:

  • Tunisia: TUNIS – beach of RADES, with students from the Lycée Rue du Pacha
  • Morocco: Kenitra, association AGPE-J "young citizens in action"
  • Morocco: TETOUAN with students from the Lycée Hassan 2
  • Algeria: ALGIERS with the association of women in communications
  • Italy: ROME – Worldrise Organization and project management of plastic pollution in the sea


History of the AJCM:

1999: The Council Regional of Provence Alps Côte d'Azur creates a Council Regional of young (CRJ), to participate in the development of policies concerning youth

2010: Youth Council Regional of young people of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur elected undertake on the question of citizenship in the Mediterranean as citizens actors of the Mediterranean. They say their values of solidarity and Exchange.

2013: CRJ launches "AJCM" workshop of the young citizens of the Mediterranean

-2014: A first meeting between young politicians of the CRJ Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, and young people from Mediterranean and French delegations. This meeting during which young people discuss and create links gives rise to the drafting of the Declaration of the young citizens of the Mediterranean:

2015: A working meeting is organized for 3 days, on the sidelines of the spring of students and apprentices, where 70 young people from 9 countries around the Mediterranean meet Exchange around different themes: education, engagement, culture, mobility, environment and, why not, one day the creation of a citizens Youth Assembly of the Mediterranean.
They develop 6 projects for concrete actions, summarized in the film of the proposals:
The heads of the Art association then coordinates the project, supported by the association citizens of the Earth and the circle ACM in Marseille.

2016: AJCM project is growing. Coordinated by the heads of the Art, it brings together different partners and associations.

After the proposals, it is time to take action, relying on the latter.