Atelier des Jeunes Citoyens et Citoyennes de la Méditerranée


What is the AJCM?


Born out of a growing need for dialogue between young Mediterraneans on the one hand, and between these young people and public decision-makers on the other, the Workshop of Young Citizens of the Mediterranean is open to all young people aged 15 to 30 living around the Mediterranean. 

The aim of this project is to provide a space for dialogue and citizen consultation for Mediterranean youth around the themes of ecology, civic engagement, the circular economy, eco-development and Mediterranean identity and European. During various meetings, these young people engage as citizen actors of the Mediterranean, carry values of solidarity and exchange and propose concerted initiatives to act collectively.

In order to support them in their civic engagement, we therefore organize lively awareness workshops around these themes and value the initiatives of partner structures.

By being supervised and encouraged by the various stakeholders of the partner associations, the public has the opportunity to create and work in turn on its own projects. This support thus allows for an increase in competence and thus helps to improve the autonomy and evolution in the professional and civic working life of the young participants.

Our activities


The AJCM is committed throughout the year to mobilize and support young people in their civic engagement around the Mediterranean. Many workshops are thus set up with the aim of creating a dialogue between young people in order to identify common issues. It is also a question of understanding current problems and finding sustainable solutions.

Our resources


In order to accompany the actions and initiatives of young people, we created different Kits to help them in their projects!


These kits contain tips and good practices:

  • How to communicate around my events
  • How to organize a responsible waste collection / plogging
  • How to set up educational workshops
  • And many more!

Our activities

The AJCM program is not only the Day of Citizen Engagement of Young People in the Mediterranean. The mobilization of actors and participants is done throughout the year with a multitude of events before, during and after our festival on 6-7-8 June.

The aim of the workshops is to organise meetings between the young participants in the project. These can take several forms:

– Workshops to raise awareness about the environment, mobility and gender equality through artistic practices (theatre, eloquence, journalism, video, photography, performances…), conferences, debates…
– Project organization and management workshops (related to the “Day of Youth Citizen Involvement in the Mediterranean”) setiing stands or activities proposed by young people).
– Workshops in collective intelligence (co-creation workshop)
– International meetings, debates and actions

Our resources

Whether you are an association, a structure, a young volunteer or other, you will find here something to help you create or improve your actions.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to go even further!


You wish to communicate about your projects and to put them forward?
Download our special communication kit!


Keep in shape while cleaning the planet, that’s what we offer you with our plogging kit!
Find out how to participate


You have eco-responsible practices that you would like to share on video?
Discover how to do it with our Eco-Tuto Kit!


You wonder how to participate in the various activities of the AJCM?
Download the participation kit to take part in the adventure with us!


You want to make your network discover the AJCM?
This presentation kit is the one for you!


Would you like to organize educational workshops?
Download this kit and learn how to carry out citizen actions in collective intelligence!